Export Details

Eurotex has covers the global second hand market and exports used clothing and used shoes to multiple countries across four continents.

Throughout the years, we’ve adjusted to the clients’ demands and the specifics of each individual market adapting our sorting process to deliver desirable quality second hand clothing you’d like to import.

Product Compositions

Let us know what products you are interested in and we’ll assemble a product composition with our best offer. Do not hesitate to contact us for more options.

Premium Export

Africa Export

Tropical Mix


The used clothing products for export are carefully packed in woven polypropylene packages that may include bags, small or big bales. We offer all of the industry standard package types and sizes but other options are also available by request.

Weight: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 kg (depending on the products’ specifics)

Size of a shoe bag: 75 x 130 cm, 75 x 110 cm, 75 x 90 cm

Material: Woven polypropylene, laminated for extra strength and durability

Application: The bags are used mainly for items that are not suitable for baling like used shoes, handbags, belts or for used clothing of higher quality grades.

Weight: 40, 45, 50 or 55 kg (you may pick what works for you or ask for more options)

Size of a box bag: 80 x 48 x 30 cm (it takes 2 box bags to form a bale. The thickness of the bale depends on the type of baled items)

Material: Woven polypropylene, laminated for extra strength and durability

Application: The small bales are used for packing most of the second hand clothes when using container as a transport. They are a great way to optimize the loading space and the weight of the container while receiving a product with shape which makes it easy to stock and manage.

Weight: 350 kg to 450 kg (depends on the items baled)

Size of a big box bag: 120 x 80 x 70 cm (it takes 2 box bags to form a bale. The thickness of the bale depends on the type baled products)

Material: Woven polypropylene

Application: The big bales are mainly utilized for items of lower quality and rags/wipers.

Loading and Transport

Our logistics experts will find the best solution for the shipping of your order whether it is a truck or a container. You have the freedom to choose a preferred container line or a specific logistics company from a shortlist we are offering or go with the arrangement of your own transport.

Depending on the composition of your order, the used clothes can be loaded in a 20 ft , 40 ft (HC) container, or a truck.

We make sure to stuff the loading space to the fullest, utilizing the loading capacity and getting the most out of the freight costs.

40ft Container (High Cube)

20ft Container

That’s the basic framework but we are flexible enough to react to any custom cases that may occur.

Just contact us and we’ll find a working solution.


We earn loyal customers not only with our consistent quality but also by doing business with clear terms.

Here are the usual steps we go through:

  • Check out our product compositions and let us know what items you are interested in;
  • We’ll configure the product composition and give you a quotation;
  • When both sides agree upon the details of the final product composition we issue a proforma invoice for its total value;
  • You have to make a 50% advanced payment in order to start preparing your order;
  • Discuss and decide on the packing and labeling options as well as who is going to arrange the transport;
  • Usually it takes about 3 weeks to prepare a standard 40 ft (HC) product composition, depending on the current products’ demand and sorting facility workload;
  • You must make the balance payment before the loading if you the one arranging the transport.