Terms of use, privacy and “cookies”

Terms of use

The website www.eurotexglobal.com is a property of Eurotex Ltd. also mentioned bellow as „the company” or “we”.

By using this website you agree with the Terms of use, privacy and cookies policy presented in this document. In case you do not agree with it you should stop using www.eurotexglobal.com.

You do not need a registration to be able to view the content of this website.

You have the right to browse www.eurotexglobal.com and to print its pages only for your personal use. The texts, photos and graphics are property of Eurotex and copying, distribution and storage without company’s written approval is forbidden.

Eurotex does not guarantee the continuous access to the website as well as the lack of unwilling mistakes in its content.

The company reserves the right to edit or restrict the access to some of the pages.

Some of the www.eurotexglobal.com’s pages may have external links to other websites that are property or managed by third party companies (like YouTube, Facebook, Google+ etc.). Following these links and using their sites, suggests that you should get to know and accept their terms of use. Please be aware that Eurotex has no rights over these websites and is not responsible for their content.


We neither require a registration nor your personal data in order to view the content of our website.

Please, take time to become familiar with the Privacy Policy of Eurotex to be aware of what personal data we collect, how do we processed it and what are your rights to manage it.

By using www.eurotexglobal.com, it’s considered that you agree with the full text of the Privacy Policy and you are aware with the type, the means and the ground for collecting data.

If you disagree, you should stop using our site.

What information do we collect for the visitors of www.eurotexglobal.com?

At www.eurotexglobal.com we collect personal and aggregate statistical information about our visitors.

Personal information

Name, telephone number and e-mail address are obtained only from users who have provided them voluntarily via:

  • Contact form
    in order to get in touch with Eurotex Ltd. through the contact form on our website you should provide your name, phone and email address. These are solely used for responding back to you and for any follow-up communication in the context of our business activities.
  • Subscription to our newsletter
    by entering your email address and clicking the “submit” button it is considered to be willing to receive relevant occasional information like news and updates about the company and its products. You may unsubscribe from the newsletter by using the given option.

We might use the provided contact data in order to reach you for the purpose of our marketing activates (researches, campaigns etc.). The contact might be via email, phone or online/mobile apps and social networks.

The collected personal information is processed under a controlled access and is not transferred to third parties unless we are legally obliged.

Aggregate and statistical information

In order to analyse the traffic of www.eurotexglobal.com we use the service of Google Analytics which generates aggregate statistical data that helps us track the general behaviour of our website visitors. The statistics generated by Google Analytics include:

  • IP address (used to allow the filtering of the visits of own company’s employees);
  • Type of device used for access (smartphone, laptop, tablet, PC);
  • Browser and operational system;
  • Internet Service Provider;
  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Interests;
  • Visited pages history;
  • Total number of visitors, sessions, average session duration, bounce rate.

Eurotex Ltd. utilizes only the statistical information relevant to its commercial and marketing activities, such as:

  • Total number of visitors;
  • Total number of sessions;
  • Bounce rate;
  • Average session duration;
  • Traffic acquisition channels;
  • Visitor onsite behavior;
  • Geo data;
  • Type of device.

This information is stored and can be accessed at Google servers for a 50 months period.

You can adjust what information can be gathered by Google Analytics, by installing their browser add-on from here: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout


What are cookies?

“Cookies” are very small text files stored in the user’s browser directories. They help the visitors to use the websites effectively and also make available specific functions. The cookies play an essential role in the improvement of websites’ usability, that’s why if they are blocked or erased some websites or some of their functionalities could become unavailable.

How do we use “cookies”?

We use cookies to ensure the site’s accessibility and usability, to provide specific functionalities, to improve its work and to analyze the traffic and visitors’ behavior. Cookies do not store personal data. Eurotex Ltd. can’t identify you by using cookies. The information is commonly used in a collective way, which help us optimize the website, improve its structure, functionality and content.

What cookies do we use?

The cookies on our website are used to collect information of the way the visitors interact with it. We use this information to understand the user’s behaviour in order to improve the user experience on the website.

Cookie name Description Term of storage
__utma Allows to differ users and sessions 2 years after activating/refreshing
__utmb Allows to set up new sessions and visits 30 minutes
__utmc Ensures the operational compatibility with urchin.js To the end of the browser session
__utmt Indicator for the enquiry type 10 minutes
__utmz Tracks how the user has reached our website 6 months after activating/refreshing

“Cookies” from third parties

www.eurotexglobal.com may contain references to other websites or embedded content from third party sites (like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, etc.). Visiting these third party websites or using the embedded content may lead to obtaining their cookies. These cookies are called “third party cookies”. Eurotex Ltd. has no influence over the generation and management of third party cookies.

Managing “Cookies” generated by www.eurotexglobal.com

Most commonly known browsers are set to obtain cookies by default. By your preference you may change settings of your browser in a way that will erase any current cookies and/or prevent the obtaining of new ones (including third party cookies). Please, have in mind that deleting or blocking the cookies may reflect on the accessibility or the features of this website.

Amending the Terms of use, privacy and cookies

Eurotex Ltd. has the right to change, add or remove any part of these Terms of use any time and without beforehand announcement. The amendments are considered effective when published at www.texcycle.com. If you continue using the website after the amendments have been published it is deemed that you agree with them.

Last modified on: 26 June 2023