Based on our knowledge and experience, we’ve put together standard product compositions with secondhand products that work well on the African market.

The items in the product list have been finely sorted according to market specifics and customers’ feedback.

Do not hesitate to contact us and ask about product compositions and pick the packing option for bales of the most common 45kg or 55kg (other packing size also available by request)

Product List Africa

Article NameVideo
171233Adult Heavy Jackets B
171330Light Anoraks B
171714Men's Suits
171778Men’s Jackets N
172349Adult Light Sweaters A
172430Adult Sweatshirts B
172779Adult Leggings B
173225Adult Long Sleeve T-shirts A
173243Ladies' Short Sleeve and Sleeveless T-shirts B
173248Men's Short Sleeve and Sleeveless T-shirts B
173338Ladies' Short Sleeve T-shirts A
173348Men's Short Sleeve and Sleeveless T-shirts A
173378Adult Short Sleeve and Sleeveless Synthetic Sports T-shirts A
173427Ladies' Sleeveless T-shirts A
173529Ladies' Blouses B
173715Men’s Cotton Shirts E
173725Men’s Cotton Shirts N
173728Men’s Cotton Shirts A2
173730Men’s Cotton Shirts B
174206Ladies' Jeans/Trousers A
174208Ladies' Jeans/Trousers B
174216Men's Jeans/Trousers A
174218Men's Jeans/Trousers B
174425Ladies' Spring/Summer Trousers A
174457Adult Capri Trousers A
174575Men’s Formal Trousers
174578Men’s Formal Trousers B
174629Shorts B
174657Adult Shorts A
174721Ladies' Summer Skirts E
174723Ladies' Summer Skirts 1
174727Ladies' Summer Skirts A
174729Ladies' Summer Skirts B
174737Ladies' TR Skirts A
174757Ladies' Mini Skirts A
174827Ladies' Summer Dresses A
174829Ladies' Summer Dresses B
174899Ladies' Wedding Dresses A-
175130Children's Mix B
175135Children's Mix C
175257Children's Medium Mix A
175259Children's Medium Mix B
175327Children's Summer Mix A
175329Children's Summer Mix B
175527Children's Anoraks A
175717Children's Jeans/Trousers A
175931Children's Sleeping Bags
176127Household Rummage A
176130Household Rummage B
176595Lace Pieces
176668Comforters B
176688Blankets B
177225Shoes A
177330Adult All Seasons Shoes B
177530Children's All Seasons Shoes B
178245Summer Nightgowns/Pyjamas N
178359Bags B
178361Handbags A
178377Belts A
178457Underwear A
178459Underwear B
178497Bras A
178637Winter Hats
178667Summer Scarves A
178765Medium/Light Socks
178795Children Tights
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