Sorting Process

Used Clothing Sorting Process

At the company’s sorting facility our experienced professionals sort and grade every single piece of clothing, assessing it on the basis of a set number of criteria.

All of the Original (unsorted used clothing) sourced from a selection of reliable suppliers goes through a two-stage sorting process that Includes a Primary and Secondary phase.

Primary Sorting

In the Primary sorting stage all items are distributed in several basic categories like: Outerwear, Pullovers, T-shirts, Shirts, Lower Body, Children, Household Rummage, Shoes, and Accessories.

Secondary Sorting

In the secondary phase each individual item from every basic category is graded according to a strict set of quality grading criteria. Our dedicated professionals take care of the fine sorting of over 300 articles in several quality grades.

An extensively trained quality assurance team, represented by our most experienced graders supervises and provides the consistency in quality level.

Quality Grades Distribution

Here’s an approximate distribution of the shares of different quality grades for the clothes after the secondary sorting phase.