Why choose Eurotex

Worldwide Exporter of Secondhand Clothes

We do regular export of secondhand clothes to Africa, Asia, Europe and South America and can supply your market wherever it might be.

Refined Secondhand Clothing Sorting System

Eurotex has a two-stage grading and quality control system that provides you with a great variety of products with ensured consistent quality.

Quality “Original” Clothing from Western Europe and USA

We work with high-quality unsorted clothes and shoes collected from countries with high living standards like Germany, Austria, and USA.
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Tons per Month
Secondhand Articles

Established Secondhand Clothing and Textile Waste Utilization Company

Eurotex is a Bulgarian textile waste utilization company with expertise in the sorting, wholesale, and recycling of used clothing and shoes.

We take pride in the consistent quality, clear terms, and professional approach that make us a trusted partner and preferred supplier of secondhand clothing to loyal customers on five continents.

Vintage Clothes

Vintage clothing has a timeless appeal that’s hard to replicate with modern attire.
Our vintage collection present a diverse range of retro clothing in bulk, spanning different eras, styles, brand and sizes. The current vintage articles list contains information about the qualities and packaging of the products.

Global Presence on the Secondhand Clothing Market

Clothing Origin

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • USA
  • Canada

Export Markets

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Central and South America